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2 Methods of Demonic Attack

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1. 2 Methods of Demonic Attack
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Are you under demonic attack?Remember how I mentioned that evil spirits or demons might have something to do with sin, sickness or disease? Let’s look a bit deeper into that.

If we remember we are saints bought with the highest price, we are much less likely to fall for the devil’s schemes and demonic attacks. But if we are who Father says we are and have the power, authority, and gifts Jesus and His Spirit give, why do we still seem to get beaten up so much?

There are basically two methods of demonic attack Satan and his demons use to get at you. One is “intrusion.” Intrusion means the enemy blindsides you with all his junk. The other is “legal ground,” which you can think of as an open door in your life that gives the enemy access to you. Both intrusion and open doors stink, but you have been given the authority and power to call on Father for help.

INTRUSION: Method 1 of Demonic Attack

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Intrusion is when Satan just barges into your life though you haven’t done a thing to deserve it. He has no right to be there. Imagine your room as a picture of who you are. Sometimes Satan just busts into your life like a little sister with a handful of crayons. She gets into your space and messes things up. But because she had no authority or right to come into your room and start coloring on everything, you can get your parents to help you make her leave.

When Satan intrudes into your life and you recognize what’s going on, you just run straight to Father and tell on him. Since the Devil had no right to do what he was doing, God will help you kick that sucker out of your life!

LEGAL GROUND: Method 2 of Demonic Attack

This is when you or someone in authority over you has given the authority Jesus gave you back to Satan. This is like you inviting one of your friends into your room even though your parents told you not to. He begins tearing things up and spilling his soda all over your new gadgets. This time, you have to confess what you did and agree with your parents that it was wrong in order to get them to help you kick your “friend” out. Plus, you have to keep the door closed if you don’t want that dude coming back!

There are five main open doors through which evil spirits have access to your life. These doors are disobedience, unforgiveness, emotional trauma, inner vows and judgments, and curses. If one or all of these doors is open, guess who has access to your life? So let’s learn what the doors are and how to close them in the next few blogs. Stay tuned.

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