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5 Open Doors to Demons Part 1

Remember, there are five main open doors through which evil spirits have access to your life. These doors are disobedience, unforgiveness, emotional trauma, inner vows and judgments, and curses. If one or all of these doors are open, guess who has access to your life? So let’s learn what the doors are and how to close them.


Door 1: Disobedience

To understand disobedience better, let’s define a churchy word – “sin.”

Sin – in Bible language, sin is when an arrow is shot and it misses the mark or target. So, when we miss the target Father set for us, it is called sin. Don’t get me wrong, Father gives the empowerment and ability to hit the target. However, when we don’t know about the target or use the ability to hit it, we sin.

Disobedience – is when we sin on purpose. It’s any action or attitude that the Bible tells you not to do or have, but you do or have it anyway. It is also anything the Bible tells you to do and you don’t do it.

Disobedience includes some obvious things like getting drunk, stealing, lying, and cursing. But your attitudes, your heart, and your mind matter too. Disobedience starts small but grows. It follows a simple but deadly process.

Fascinate. Meditate. Participate.

Once you start thinking about sin, you can’t stop yourself from sinning easily. The more you do it, the more you become sin’s slave. It is like you are bound or chained to it. That’s called bondage. Sin will always take you further than you wanted to go and keep you longer than you wanted to stay. Do not mess around with willful sin.

You may have so many sinful attitudes or actions that you barely notice them and they seem natural to you. But you don’t get to be the judge of what is okay – God does! If you have willingly been disobedient to God, it is essential for you to repent.

I will cover details regarding repentance in the next blog, Part 2. Until then, ask Holy Spirit to show you if there are places where you have been disobedient. Write them down and be prepared for next week’s teaching on changing how you think and repentance.

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