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Round 1 of editing = .02 per word. Round 2 of editing = $100

The Details:

Our editors will:

Round 1:

  • We will give your manuscript a Simple Edit (you can have your cake, and eat it too).

  • Our editor will get your manuscript back to you within 20 business days from the day you get your manuscript to us. When we send you your freshly edited manuscript, you will be able to check out all the edits, revisions, and deletions we made. After that, you make the decision of keeping the changes or ignoring them (You will always have the last word).

  • Note here: If your manuscript contains more than 100,000 words, we may require more time to edit your masterpiece (Good things come to those who wait).

Round 2:

  • Our editors will go through your manuscript after it has already been through the Simple Edit and they will proofread it.  Our editors will correct any errors they find (if there are errors) in your manuscript.  We will also check out anything you may have in your manuscript that is “non-text” to ensure its excellence (like what? well, photos, charts, graphs, tables, illustrations – the works). This is a great service to choose if your manuscript is full of design elements and/or illustrations.

  • We will give you a list of suggested revisions within 10 business days.

  • If for some odd reason your manuscript has a large number of revisions, mainly from “typos” incurred by you as you revised the suggested edits or any of the like, then there is a possibility that the charge for this service could be more.



Have a cover design for your book in mind involving several images, concepts, and/or ideas?  Our Advanced Cover Design service is most likely your solution.  This service exists to give authors the opportunity to have a more complex cover design.  With this service, we will discuss your cover design in more detail, relay the information to our graphic designer, and provide you with a unique, detailed cover design for your book.

If you picture your cover design having 6 or more images or shapes, detailed facial expressions or personal traits (like hair), and very detailed backgrounds or imagery then this service is the way to go.


99 pages or less = $200, 100-299 pages = $300, 300+ pages = $400

Not all manuscripts will fit into the category of simple, basic interior design. If your manuscript has several numbered/bulleted lists, charts, tables, more images than text, shaded boxes, and the like, then it most likely falls into the advanced formatting category.  This requires additional extensive design work and time for some pretty awesome formatting.


*only included in the Advanced GPC Package

Our Simple Promotional Package plus:

  • At least 2 reviews (including on the behemoth Amazon and the Juggernaut that is Barnes and Nobles)

  • Simple book promo video/book trailer

  • 100 bookmarks or business cards (your choice)

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