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Are Curses Real?5 Open Doors to Demons Part 6

Door 5: Curses

Do you believe in blessings? What do you say when someone sneezes? Why is it that people talk all day about blessings and even thank the Father for them, but we never hear of curses? I think the enemy has done a good job of making people think that curses are only hocus pocus from the movies. But if we believe blessings are real and for today, why wouldn’t curses be the same? A lot of folks have no idea what a blessing or a curse even is, so let’s look at some word meanings here:

curses, holy spirit

Blessing – an empowerment for good, usually spoken. Some blessings have conditions or rules you have to follow to get them. Other blessings you get just because. Imagine someone painting a target on your back for good things to hit. That’s a blessing.

Curse – an empowerment for evil, often spoken. Some curses are allowed to work because of something someone in your family, city, or nation has done. Other curses you bring on yourself. Imagine a target on your back again. This target is for bad things to hit you and your life. That’s a curse.

holy spirit, curses

Bowling lanes sometimes have little bumpers that pop out to keep your ball out of the gutter. That’s how I think of curses. If my aim is off, my ball bumps alongside them until it gets back on track. I set the ball in motion, and it goes where I caused it to go. The effect is that it bumps back and forth along the sides. It may eventually hit the pins, but it won’t knock as many down as it would have if I had rolled the ball straight. The bumpers rob my ball’s momentum.

Similarly, many blessings and curses are cause and effect. When you ignore Holy Spirit and go your own way, you are off target and the end result isn’t good. You get robbed of some of your power!


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