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Are You More Spiritually Mature than a Fifth Grader?

Read these 10 chapter titles and see if you know more than a 5th grader regarding spiritual basics:

no junior holy spiritTable of Contents of There’s No Junior Holy Spirit

Chapter One: Gospel of the Kingdom  

Chapter Two: Holy Spirit Empowerment  

Chapter Three: Healing  

Chapter Four: Deliverance 

Chapter Five: Know Your Enemy: Root Spirits 

Chapter Six: Intimacy with Christ  

Chapter Seven: Seven Spirits of God  

Chapter Eight: Spiritual Gifts  

Chapter Nine: Five-Fold Ministry 

Chapter Ten: Vision 


Now, here’s a page that has the questions a 5th grader should be able to answer after reading the chapter Five-Fold Ministry:

Questions for Chapter Nine 

1. The five-fold ministry is found in Ephesians 6. T/F 

2. The _______________ points the way. 

3. The _______________ is like a shepherd. 

4. All believers in Jesus Christ are saints. T/F 

5. Jesus was all of these offices/gifts in one. T/F

Well, how’d you do? I sincerely hope you nailed it. However, if you didn’t there’s still hope.  Some of the answers to these questions are in the free resources tab regarding a Prophet and Pastor. Read Ephesians 6 and see if you got it. And check out the blog about saints here.

To see if Jesus really fulfilled all offices and gifts in one I guess you’ll just have to get the book. Or just go with your gut and give Him the benefit of the doubt that there is nothing He will leave unfulfilled.

Next, I challenge you to use this blog to see what those with whom you walk know or don’t know. Do you have children, nieces, and nephews? What about the ones you disciple or oversee? Do they know these basics? They can with minimal effort!

there's no junior holy spirit
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