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Drat, Cursed Again! 5 Open Doors to Demons Part 9

5 Open Doors To Demons
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4. Drat, Cursed Again! 5 Open Doors to Demons Part 9
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Main Causes of Curses Continued…

2. Paying too much attention to or worshipping other gods

One reason God made us is to worship Him. If we worship other false gods, we’re setting ourselves up for trouble. Enough said.

3. Involvement with the occult or witchcraft.

Yep, this is the part that includes Harry Potter. You are reading this blog and waking up to the things of the spirit at a time on this planet when God is revealing more of Himself than ever before. People who don’t even have a clue about God as their Father are picking up on the increase in the focus on supernatural things. Haven’t you noticed how many wizards, vampires, witches and weirdoes are in movies and on TV? It is all about the source. Let me say it again, it is all about the source.


There are only two sources of power in our lives. Good comes from Father and evil comes from Satan. Pretty simple. So, if you can’t figure out where the power comes from, stay away from it. If you aren’t sure, ask Holy Spirit or someone who knows Holy Spirit really well.

In the coming days, “powers” and supernatural things will increase. You can become slaves of the losers with evil power or well-equipped warriors for the King of all kings. Do not mess around with anything that even gives you a yucky feeling in your gut. That’s Holy Spirit warning you. Listen. Just checking witchcraft out or watching it opens a door. If you’ve been involved in witchcraft or any power that’s not from Father, repent, get delivered, and let Jesus heal you. By the way, there are NO good wizards, witches, etc. It is all about the source.

4. Taking advantage of or hurting those weaker than you.

5. All sexual relationships that are out of line with what Father says.



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