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How to Pray for Healing: 6 Steps

So how do you pray for people to be healed? There is no certain way to pray for healing every time, but here’s an example you can follow. This is based upon the 5-step Prayer Model for Healing and 10-step model for Deliverance from Global Awakening. The important thing, however, is to listen to Holy Spirit and do whatever He tells you.

1. Ask Questions to Find Out the Root Cause of the Problem before you pray for healing

It is often one of the following: an evil spirit, a curse, something from their soul/mind, or natural causes like accident, injury, or disease. If you figure out there will be a lot of heavy demonic things to deal with and they aren’t believers, first lead them to Jesus before going through deliverance (casting out demons). See the previous blog regarding The Gospel of the Kingdom to learn how to lead someone to Jesus. If they refuse Jesus strongly, it is a good idea to bless them and go on. You must follow Holy Spirit on this one.

  • a. What is your name?
  • b. How can I pray for you?
  • c. How long has this been a problem?
  • d. How or when did it start?
  • e. Why do you think you have this problem?
  • f. Did someone cause this? Have you forgiven them?
  • g. Did something bad happen around the time this began?

2. Basic Prayer Choices to pray for healing

A. Request – “Father, in Jesus’ name I ask you to heal the redness in Jane’s knee and take away the swelling and pain

B. Command – “In the name of Jesus I command the redness in Jane’s knee to be healed and all the swelling and pain to leave.”

Use commands when destroying a curse or vow, casting out a spirit, you’ve used request prayers and the healing has stopped, or whenever Holy Spirit tells you to stop.

Tips as you pray for healing:

  1. Ask Holy Spirit to be there with His guidance and healing power.
  2. Ask the person to be quiet and just focus on their body and receive.
  3. Ask them to tell you if anything starts happening. Many people feel warmth.
  4. Keep your eyes open, you can often see what’s happening.
  5. Have the person confess sin or close doors in the spirit (more about that later) before you pray for healing in their body.
  6. Always pray in Jesus’ name.
  7. Don’t pray or talk a long time if nothing’s happening.
  8. If something’s working, keep on doing it.
  9. Pray about what’s making them feel bad and what they feel.
  10. Trust Holy Spirit.
  11. Thank God all the time!

4. Stop and Ask More Questions

  • a. Has the pain moved or changed? If the pain moves, it’s almost always a spirit.
  • b. Has anyone in your family dealt with this too?
  • c. Is there anything you are really afraid of?
  • d. Has anyone ever spoken a curse over you? Have you said anything bad about yourself?
  • e. Has anyone or is anyone in your family messing with satanic stuff or a member of the freemasons?
  • f. Do you have accidents often? If so, find the open door to a deaf and dumb spirit, close it, and command it to leave.

5. Stop Praying for Healing When They are Healed!

Or you feel Holy Spirit tell you to stop, or you are not making any progress at all.

6. When You Finish…

a. Encourage them with what you know from the Bible or what someone else has taught you that’s helped you.

b. Share with them things they might do to change the lifestyle that got them there to begin with…do not get preachy!

c. NEVER blame the person if they do not get healed. Encourage and bless them in every way and offer to pray for them again some other time.

d. If they don’t know Jesus as Savior and Lord, invite them to give their lives to Him. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just share what you know about the Gospel of the Kingdom and invite them in. They can pray after you something like “Jesus, I know I am not in Your Kingdom because of what I’ve done. Please take my whole life and do with it as You wish. I believe You are God’s Son and You died for my punishment. Please forgive me and give me Your Spirit inside and baptize me in Your Spirit for empowerment. I want total healing for my body and soul, peace and rescue from evil. Please take care of me and provide for me. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

e. If they know someone’s been praying for them, have them contact that person and tell them what’s happened in their lives.

f. Get their info and call them in a day or two. Give them your info and you just might be making a disciple. Don’t harass them, just follow Holy Spirit.

When you are in a sustained place of contending for healing to show up, it’s good to encourage yourself. If this doesn’t light your fire, your wood is wet.

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