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Is Death Really A Shadow?

So many of us wholeheartedly believe in and rely on the spirit realm in death. We agree that death really isn’t the end of existence as it appears; it is a shadow in which lies a hidden reality. What intrigues me about Misty Edwards’ song, It’s Only A Shadow and what has become the heart my experience, is the topic of exploration for this book. It is the combination of the two notions that death is a shadow and there is more to life than what I see. Both point to a mystery of something going on in an unseen realm. 

Many questions come to mind when thinking about these two notions together. Concerning shadows, a shadow is defined as a dark image cast on the ground from something blocking the light.

If I am looking at a shadow, I am not really looking at the source that makes the shadow.

Shadows of me look different depending on the angle of the light behind me, so I am missing something if I draw conclusions about myself based on looking at my shadows. That makes me wonder if death is a shadow do I encounter other shadows in life?Click To Tweet

What is lurking in that unseen realm in or behind the shadows? 

Regarding the notion that there is more to life than what I see, I am reminded that there are many imperceptible things that actually exist even though I go about my day unaware of their presence.

shadow of death

For example, there are many frequencies my ears do not hear. It takes a radio receiver to tune into and amplify specific channels for me to hear what is ever present in the air around me. Just because I do not have my radio on, it does not mean the hundreds of channels being broadcast wirelessly are not there. I am just not aware of the different kinds of transmissions that are moving about me.

What if there is a spiritual realm just as near and present as the radio signals in the atmosphere? What am I missing in my day-to-day life if I totally ignore the spiritual realm? I believe my spirit exists and will carry on after I die, but what is it doing while I am alive? Can I tune into that realm with my spiritual sense?

Because of what I have personally experienced, I do believe there is something going on in an unseen realm. I not only believe in it, I have personally encountered it. I hope by sharing some real experiences with this realm in It’s Only a Shadow that those who have sensed “there is more” will explore their own beliefs about an unseen reality. It is my hope that many will not only wake up to the reality of the spiritual realm but will also understand that there are very real battles happening in the shadows so they must arm themselves for the fight and commit to a lifestyle that recognizes “the more.” 

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