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Is Witchcraft Legit? 5 Open Doors to Demons Final Part 11

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6. Is Witchcraft Legit? 5 Open Doors to Demons Final Part 11

Are you participating in witchcraft without knowing it?! You might just be! Divination while you are praying?! Read on to find out.

Main Causes of Curses Continued:

13. Curses pronounced on you by those in the occult or witchcraft.

Finally, the one everyone knows about – or do you? This can include cultural things. Hispanic people go to “healers” or curanderos. African and Indian people go to witch doctors or traditional doctors. Some people go to raiki or natural energy healers. Gee, what’s the source? The earth was created by God and not Mother Nature or Father Time! If God used a plant to make healing chemicals, would you worship the plant or the creator of the plant? The Bible says some people worship created things and not the creator. Yup, that’s what a lot of that is. Crystals don’t heal you and magnets don’t love you. Don’t be a chump! Worship the Master and Creator of all things. Why bother with lesser things?


14.Cheap Talk about others while pretending to be lead by the Holy Spirit

This happens when we gossip about others, but pretend it is for their good. It can also happen when you pretend you are just getting the facts straight and you seek out more information. This can happen anywhere – the lunchroom, locker room, before school, and even at church.

15. Witchcraft Prayers

Witchcraft is a pretty bad word to combine with prayers. That’s what it is when you seek to control another person or situation while praying apart from Holy Spirit. While you pray, let your heart be tender to how the Holy Spirit wants to guide you to pray. Don’t try to manipulate or get your own way by slapping the cover of prayer on what you’re saying. Blaming other people and accusations fall into this category, too. When you pray, remember that you are talking to a Holy God and that His will is what is important.

So there you have it: a list of many of the main reasons curses come into our lives. The good news is that Jesus stepped in and took the curses upon Himself so we didn’t have to. Read Isaiah 53 and Galatians 6. He took them all, so there’s no reason to keep letting them work! Celebrate something truly worth celebrating! True joy because the enemy has no hold on you because of what He has done!

If you ask, Holy Spirit will show you where curses are working in your life. After He shows you, repent, forgive, and pray something like this:

“Father in Jesus’ Name, I destroy the curses over my life. I see where the enemy has stolen from me and I ask you to send the angels to get it all back for me. Every spirit that has worked in, on, or through my life must leave me now. Holy Spirit, angels, rescue me. Fill me up and minister to me please.”

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