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It’s Only A Shadow

Prepare to be provoked. Read this excerpt from a life-changing testimony from my dear friend Dr. Nancy Hadley:

Because of what I have personally experienced, I do believe there is something going on in an unseen realm. I not only believe in it, I have personally encountered it. I hope by sharing some real experiences with this realm in It’s Only a Shadow that those who have sensed “there is more” will explore their own beliefs about an unseen reality. It is my hope that many will not only wake up to the reality of the spiritual realm but will also understand that there are very real battles happening in the shadows so they must arm themselves for the fight and commit to a lifestyle that recognizes “the more.”


The four experiences in the spiritual realm I share here are a combination of my own experiences along with accounts from two associates.

1. The first story is a vivid description of hell as an imminent destination from the astute perspective of someone personally involved in witchcraft but whom Jesus rescued from the fire.

2. The second is a riveting account of the deception in the church that keeps believers in Jesus Christ and churchgoers in the dark about spiritual warfare.

3. The third is a vibrant portrayal of tangible encounters with the ONE who delivers us from hell and the deception surrounding us.

4. The last is a thundering depiction of the reoccurring spiritual battleground that warriors face as they awaken to “the more.”

As I stepped into encounters with the unseen realm, I wondered why there was so little information about it in my very traditional church experiences. After all, I grew up believing in Holy Spirit and an invisible God who lives in an unobserved realm that I will inhabit with my unseen spirit one day. In fact, I am totally relying on the spirit realm in anticipation of my death and am framing my whole life around it now, looking forward to a spiritual, not a physical, eternal existence. I know I live in an experienced-based society that relies heavily on evidence that you can see, touch, and feel to validate what is real, and unseen forces are often discounted in everyday life.

However, after encountering the spiritual realm for myself, I decided that I should explore it in the “here and now” instead of waiting until death overtakes me to embrace it. I felt ill-equipped to deal with it and reasoned that I might be missing something by not delving into it now.


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