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Kingdom? What Kingdom?

So, what IS the difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Salvation?

Once again, let’s get definitions of what we’re talking about.

Gospel – something regarded as true and believed, good news

Kingdom – where a king or queen rules, a domain

Dominion – a land or territory where a king rules and has authority

SalvationSozo/Soteria – Eternal life, forgiveness of sins, healing, rescued from evil, protection, wholeness (shalom), provision-going forward in all areas of your life

So when we talk about the Gospel of Salvation we are talking about all of those things happening within us and for us. That’s what people often refer to as being saved. The Gospel of the Kingdom is basically extending what’s happening within us to the territory around us. That’s why Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” in Matthew chapter 6. We bring one kingdom to take the place of another. A transfer from Earth’s Kingdom to Heaven’s Kingdom.

My family lives on a ranch here in West Texas. This ranch has been passed down or inherited in this family for seven generations. Ranches have boundaries and gates. Entering the gates of the ranch is like receiving salvation. You get in and it is your inheritance. You are happy to be in and receive the benefits, but wouldn’t it be silly if you only sat inside the gates? You would miss out on all the fun stuff there is to do and see in the ranch!

There’s work to do on a ranch. There are things that need to be repaired, pests to run off, and improvements to make. Doing the work on the ranch and maintaining or extending the land are good examples of dominion and a kingdom.


Father God is the owner and boss of the ranch and we are co-heirs with Jesus. We do what the Father says in partnership with Jesus. The Holy Spirit gives us instruction and power to take care of the ranch or any other sphere of influence He gives us.

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