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My Spirit-Filled Life Story

Six years ago I went on a trek out in the pasture. I asked Jesus about how we could get the revelation He’d given me into the hands of others. My life was transformed by experiencing “the more” of Christianity in a radical way.That’s where the Spirit-filled life really began. See this previous blog for more details on what “spirit-filled” means.

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I wanted everyone, especially children, to know this supernatural lifestyle. I wanted everyone to see the signs, wonders and miracles see regularly.What started as a lesson for a children’s ministry grew into a book and then a company! Whoa. Didn’t see that coming.

Here I am, years later with my precious husband of 20 plus years, four kids, a close-knit extended family, dogs, cats, chickens and a wild ride of a life. I didn’t set out to marry a rancher, become an ordained minister, part-time missionary, ukulele strummer, runner, campout founder, author, publisher, etc. Yet, here I am. 

Jesus moved my heart years ago to surrender to His love and this Spirit-filled life.

A one-sentence prayer changed everything. “I don’t have much, but I’m available if you will use me.” One of my favorite names for Holy Spirit is my co-conspirator. He’s the love of my life and my best friend in this adventure story my Father wrote for me.

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The goal of my life, and consequently this blog, is to know Him intimately and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

Demystifying the reality of the spiritual realm in which we live has changed so much for me. Therefore, I co-labor with the lover of my soul to see His inheritance walking now in the revelation of His love and Kingdom. 

Thanks so much for your time and joining me on this adventure.

The book that started everything, There’s No Junior Holy Spirit, is just weeks away from the re-release. 

We’ve put many hours into it and I know it will have more impact than ever for His glory. Don’t forget to sign up and receive these blogs weekly so you don’t miss a thing! Please “like” our facebook page as well for more bite-sized daily fuel for your faith.



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