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New Book Release: Ken Howerton’s Say Father: Lessons in Spiritual Warfare from a Deliverance Ministry Pioneer

If this quick excerpt from SAY FATHER makes you raise your eyebrows then you should read the whole book! This engaging and equipping book from Ken and Carolyn Howerton will change your life. Read more to see what I mean…

Carolyn and I had only been saved for about a year when she led a young lady who was a checker at a grocery store to the Lord. Now, this young lady had never been to church in her life. Carolyn had told her to get a Bible and start reading it, but that wasn’t working out for this young woman. So the Lord told us to go pick her up, bring her to our house, and show her how to study the Word. 

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At the end of the evening, when we were about to leave to take her home, the Holy Spirit told me to pray for her. When I would pray for people, I would usually put my hand on the back of their necks and pray whatever I felt led to pray, and when I did that to this young lady, out of my mouth supernaturally came the names of six demon spirits afflicting her. Now keep in mind that at that point I had never seen a demon cast out before. I had never read a book on deliverance or anything like it, so I had no knowledge about it whatsoever. To add to that, Carolyn reached up and touched this young lady on the forehead, and she fell down on our floor and started to writhe like a snake! 

At the time this all happened I was still a Master Sargent on flying status, so my patience for adults was practically zero. The first thought that came into my mind was to pick this lady up, toss her out the door, and tell her not to ever set foot on my property again. But suddenly, deep compassion came over me the likes of which I had never before felt for any adult. Carolyn knelt down on one side of the young lady, and I knelt down on the other side, and one by one, we began to cast those demons out. 

While this was going on, the most horrible sounds kept coming out of the young woman’s mouth, and her face contorted terribly. All the while, she kept right on writhing like a snake, but Carolyn and I kept casting demons out of her as we were led by the Holy Spirit. When the last one finally came out of her, all she could do was proclaim, “I’m free! I’m free!” She was completely relaxed, and she looked like a 100-Watt lightbulb had lit up her face. And that was our introduction to deliverance.

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Ken and Carolyn Howerton are a true Apostolic father and mother in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. They move powerfully with the Father’s heart of love to save, heal, and deliver those who are in need. They both have a passion to see the fullness of God in Christ Jesus made manifest in the church as He establishes His Kingdom on Earth. They love teaching, equipping, and serving the Bride of Jesus through the Word of God and the Spirit of Revelation. They rejoice and have great joy in their wonderful marriage, children and grandchildren, and reside in Oklahoma.






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