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New Release: The Owl Hoo Said What?

Our new release from author Coy Taylor has the potential to go far beyond a simple children’s book. This vividly-illustrated, hardback book could shape your child’s destiny.

Plant a thought and reap a word;
plant a word and reap an action;
plant an action and reap a habit;
plant a habit and reap a character;
plant a character and reap a destiny.

We at Garden Publishing Company pray that Coy’s book plants a valuable thought in your heart. A few minutes of quality time can grow into a destiny. The intimacy and confidence gained in those few moments together will reap rewards you never imagined.  Read Coy’s words below to understand the heart behind The Owl Hoo Said What?:

Imagine it’s 2010, on a Thursday night around 8:00 PM. The day is done, dinner is finished, the sun has set, and it’s bedtime. You have two little giggly kids, in my case girls, that actually look forward to bedtime. Of course, they’re not thinking about sleep, rather, what a magnificent story Dad is going to bring. You’re up! It’s showtime, and you better have a good one!

Sometimes a book, sometimes a made-up story, the crazier, the better. Kids know a good story when they hear one. Now, fast-forward eight years. It’s 2018. School athletics, homework and all sorts of extra-curricular activities are the reality of the day. No bedtime stories.

the owl hoo said what
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“I wrote The Owl Hoo Said What? with my two kids. A new adventure in lieu of story time, but equally as rewarding. You never get this time back, and this book is an example of time well spent. I genuinely hope you enjoy this book and make lots of memories with your little ones.” – Coy Taylor


The catchy repetitive nature of this book will delight pre-readers as well as children who are learning to read. While there is no specific spiritual aspect to this book as compared to our other titles, I still believe it is a great resource for you as you raise up those kiddos around you.


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