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Can Dogs Be Spiritual?

Are you a dog fan? Do you battle control issues? Be encouraged by this brief excerpt from Dr. Nancy Hadley’s book, Lucy Lessons. One of GPC’s favorite authors, Nancy, is also a dear friend whose insights from her relationship with her dog have provoked and encouraged me.

Today I am reminded of a Lucy Lesson about control – control of the bone. At times Lucy will bring me her bone to seemingly play catch, but she really has no intention of playing catch. It’s really tug-of-war that she has in mind, and she turns passionate about it.

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She presents the bone to me as if to hand it to me. However, when I take hold of the bone, she locks her jaw and digs in. Her demeanor changes drastically, and she begins to growl and clench her teeth. As I tug, the pitch in her growl changes to a ferocious level. She throws her whole body into the effort, carefully positioning herself to leverage her weight. She actually pulls from her toes through her entire hindquarters, lowering her center of gravity. At times I have even lifted her high off the ground as she hangs on to the bone with her clenched jaw. She will not let go! The battle quickly changes from a game to a war complete with an aggressive growl.

Do I do the same with control of my life, Lord? Do I seemingly hand it to You then I hold on for dear life? Your Word says that he who finds his life loses it, and he who loses it for Your sake finds it. I guess “finding and losing” is talking about control, and I need to let go. As you tug to gain control and I feel like I am losing it, do I dig in and fiercely hang on with clenched determination? If only I could only play catch with you! I could bring you my life, and you could toss it out in the direction You want me to go. Racing in that direction, I would then bring the control back to you for further direction. Instead, I offer You control then the tug of war ensues. Is that where the enemy gets me off track? Is that where he gets me to operate in my flesh when I think I know best? I am picturing myself in some situations hanging in mid-air from the bone with my jaw locked on to my way. Oh to learn from this Lucy Lesson!

can dogs be saved, do animals go to heaven?

Matt 10:39

He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.


do dogs go to heaven, do animals go to heaven

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