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Liberated + Say Father [2-Book Bundle]

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Garden Publishing is excited to announce this special bundle of two of our most recent publications. We believe the content within these fantastic books will equip and inspire you in your personal devotion towards Jesus and empower you through the work of the Holy Spirit.

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Pornography is one of Satan’s most insidious and pervasive attacks against the body of Christ. Even secular experts have recognized that pornography addiction has become an epidemic. It destroys ministries, afflicts marriages, and drives believers into the shadows of guilt and condemnation. So what can we possibly do about it? Is freedom from porn addiction even a possibility?

The answer is, absolutely yes! It begins with getting down to the root of the issue. What many people miss about porn addiction is that it is actually a weapon of spiritual warfare, not a mere issue of the flesh. Many believers feel defeated because they’ve tried to fight a spiritual battle in their physical or mental strength instead of getting to the spiritual roots of the issue. When we learn to wage war by the power of the Holy Spirit, victory not only becomes possible, it becomes the standard.

This book contains powerful revelation and practical tools to empower believers not only to break the spiritual chains of porn addiction, but to remain free, permanently. Through his personal testimony, sample Scriptures, and approachable teaching style, Kevin McSpadden strips away the deceptive veneer of pornography, reveals the enemy’s battle plans, and provides a powerful, immediately applicable approach to winning the war against porn addiction. Furthermore, Karen’s chapter, written from the spouse’s perspective, offers healing and hope for those who have been affected by their loved ones’ participation with pornography.


Say Father

My whole concept for the book is not to entertain readers, but to genuinely help people. I hope that they will be able to relate their problems to the experiences I have shared. I want this book to teach them how to do self-deliverance so that they can overcome the issues they’re facing by the power of God. My prayer for every person who picks up this book is that they will be anointed by the Holy Spirit to seek deliverance so that they may fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

Father, as I lift up the person who is reading this book and place them boldly on Your lap at the Throne of Grace, I am asking you to supernaturally change the desires of their heart to line up with Your plan for them, which You placed in their spirit from the beginning of time to establish Your Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Father, I ask You to flood them with supernatural knowledge of Your Word, how it works, and the wisdom to accomplish Your will. Help them to step from the natural realm into the spirit realm in order to fulfill Your Word in John 14:12, to not only do the works of Jesus, but the works that are beyond the comprehension of the human mind, which are the signs and wonders that will bring in multitudes of people into Your Kingdom. I now release the supernatural anointing of Holy Spirit to flow into this reader to step outside the box of the past and into the supernatural walk with Jesus, to do His works in the POWER of Holy Spirit for the glory of our Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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