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The Details:

  • Our manuscript evaluator will read through your manuscript, giving you an overview of the strengths of your work and the things you might want to give more attention.

  • Our manuscript evaluation fee is based on the standard manuscript word count of 100,000 words or less.

  • After the evaluation process, you decide if you want to hire a freelance editor not associated with GPC to make the revisions or you can take a look at our editing options to get the job done.

Even More Details:

Our manuscript evaluator will do the following:

  • Recommend which GPC editing package would be the perfect fit for your manuscript.  This is will be based on the content and development of your manuscript, grammar, and punctuation.

  • Give you a rundown of where your manuscript might run into a legal battle (look out plagiarism and any kin to it).

Our Manuscript Evaluator will not:

  • Edit your manuscript by correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation or sentence structure

  • Correct word arrangement or syntax (check out our editing services)

  • Insert notifications where approval from a third party may be required

  • Edit or correct facts that are commonly known

  • Endorse your manuscript

  • Get necessary permissions for reprinted material such as but not limited to song lyrics, photos, poems, newspaper articles, etc. It is your responsibility to get permission for use from the original source for any or all material that isn’t considered fair use (It’s the law, bro)


$30/hr – depending on the manuscript

The Details:

Our editors will:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation

  • Correct word arrangement and syntax

  • Insert notifications where approval from a third party may be required

  • Edit or correct facts that are commonly known

Our editors will not:

  • Rewrite sentences

  • Alter word choices, unless it requires correcting errors (those prepositional phrases will be something to look at!)

  • Tell you how to develop your work better

  • Edit the revisions you might have after performing this simple edit. Note: All errors that occur in the manuscript after you have approved this simple copyedit will be in the final manuscript. Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.  Did we mention, proofread your formatted manuscript for further errors and potential boo boos?

  • Get necessary permissions for reprinted material such as but not limited to song lyrics, photos, poems, newspaper articles, etc. It is your responsibility to get permission for use from the original source for any or all material that isn’t considered fair use.


$30-40/hr – depending on the manuscript

The Details:

Our editors will:

Round 1:

  • We will give your manuscript a Simple Edit (you can have your cake, and eat it too).
  • Note here: If your manuscript contains more than 100,000 words, we may require more time to edit your masterpiece (Good things come to those who wait).

Round 2:

  • Our editors will go through your manuscript after it has already been through the Simple Edit and they will proofread it. Our editors will correct any errors they find (if there are errors) in your manuscript. We will also check out anything you may have in your manuscript that is “non-text” to ensure its excellence (like what? well, photos, charts, graphs, tables, illustrations – the works). This is a great service to choose if your manuscript is full of design elements and/or illustrations.
  • If for some odd reason your manuscript has a large number of revisions, then there is a possibility that the charge for this service could be more.


At GPC, we are set up for print on demand and eBook services and belong to the Christian Small Publisher’s Association. When it is time to decide the unique format for your book, we will personally walk through and assist you in selecting the best, most affordable and appropriate print format for you.


Actual printing cost, shipping and handling and a 15% markup.


$30/hr (from the front to the back!)

Want a unique, eye-catching, quality cover design?  We can help.

A book cover is one of the most important parts of your book (people do judge a book by its cover). You want to captivate and interest your reader. We will create a book cover that will tell the story of your book, draw readers in and be creatively unique to your specific target audience and book genre. To get to that point, we have a design questionnaire just waiting to be filled out by you.  The questionnaire will provide our graphic designer with insight and creative direction for your book cover.

After you approve the final design of your book cover (yippee), please submit the following to our graphic designer:

  • The text for the back of your book cover (tell us everything you want on there)

  • Your author picture

Oh, and don’t worry, we will make sure you have the following on your cover design:

  • A barcode

  • ISBN

  • All the information you need to complete the front, back, and spine of your book for retail sale



Have a cover design for your book in mind involving several images, concepts, and/or ideas? Our Advanced Cover Design service is most likely your solution. This service exists to give authors the opportunity to have a more complex cover design. With this service, we will discuss your cover design in more detail, relay the information to our graphic designer, and provide you with a unique, detailed cover design for your book.
If you picture your cover design having 6 or more images or shapes, detailed facial expressions or personal traits (like hair), and very detailed backgrounds or imagery then this service is the way to go.



We want the heart and vision for your manuscript to be portrayed as clearly and uniquely as possible. Font, style, borders, images, and layout are all an integral part of what allows a reader to engage into the heart of your book and read it with ease and enjoyment (because honestly, who doesn’t want that?). Our interior design formatter will work with you to create the best interior design for your book. What we include:

  • a discussion with you, the author, in order to create an interior layout that portrays the vision of your book (because your ideas matter)
  • chapter titles, headings, page numbers, margins, and borders
  • we will make sure your book meets all industry standards and requirements



Not all manuscripts will fit into the category of simple, basic interior design. If your manuscript has several numbered/bulleted lists, charts, tables, more images than text, shaded boxes, and the like, then it most likely falls into the advanced formatting category. This requires additional extensive design work and time for some pretty awesome formatting.



A social security number for your book.  We will take care of assigning your book an ISBN number.


  • Distribution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the GPC website

  • Author page on Amazon

  • Author picture and bio on GPC website and social media announcement (We’ll sell them directly for you, and you make a bigger profit with us than with the big guys).

  • Feature in Above The La Blog
  • 2 Book reviews
  • A book launch is the activity created around the publication of a book, either traditionally or digitally. The launch is designed to attract attention to the title, sell copies, boost the discovery of a new author or alert fans to new work from a favorite author.



  • Basic Copyediting
    5-10 manuscript pgs/hr
  • Heavy Copyediting
    2-5 manuscript pgs/hr
  • Developmental Editing
    1-5 pgs/hr
  • Fact Checking


  • Books
    6-10 pgs/hr
  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Permissions
  • Proofreading
    9-13 manuscript pgs/hr
  • Researching
  • Ghostwriting
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