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Real Repentance Explained: 5 Open Doors to Demons Part 2

After reading this blog and learning how to repent you will know one step to freeing your life of demonic influence. It’s not as complicated or scary as you might think.

At the end of Part 1 of this series I suggested you sit still and make a list of things that you might need to change or repent of participating within your life. Take a moment to do that now if you haven’t. You may get freedom by even recognizing some of what Holy Spirit brings to your mind via thoughts or memories. Then it is time to take the next step.

Repent – this word means you have headed one direction, but you stop and go in the opposite way from where you were going. It also means you allow God to change how you think about the situation.

Repenting is not saying,” I’m sorry I got caught. I’ll try to change.” It is when you see how good Father God is, remember what Jesus did so you could be saved/sozo-ed, and recognize how much you were turning your back on what they did. These things happen in your heart, not your head alone. You know repentance is real when what you do afterward is different than what you did before.

Repentance is real if God tells you to go correct what you did wrong, and you rush out to do it. Correcting wrongs may sometimes include going to someone, telling them you are sorry for what you did, and asking them to forgive you. In addition to asking for forgiveness, you may also need to renounce some of your ways of thinking.

Renounce – to renounce something means you come out of agreement with an action or way of thinking. It is like divorcing yourself from something or dropping someone’s hand you were holding. You no longer have contact with it, and you consider it dead. You say, “I thought this was true or good, but now I know it is not.”


The open door of disobedience means you willingly held bad attitudes or did wrong things.

To shut this door, you must repent of your sin and renounce it. Here’s an example prayer you can use or fit to how you want to say it:



“Father, in Jesus’ name, I agree with you that it was wrong to think about or imagine ________________. I am sorry I (insert what you did here) __________ _________________________. It is sin, and there is no excuse. It was my fault. Please forgive me and cleanse me. I renounce my participation with the sin and any evil spirit connected to it. Every evil spirit must leave me now. Holy Spirit, blow like a whirlwind through me and clean me out. Holy Spirit, fill me up where anything but You took up space, in Jesus’ name.”


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