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Secret Societies, What? 5 Open Doors to Demons Part 10

5 Open Doors To Demons
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Read this brief blog to see if there is something spiritual like a secret society membership etc. holding up your finances, family or progress. Things can change in a moment when you take hold of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Main Causes of Curses Continued…

6. Dishonoring God’s chosen people

This involves Israelites who were born Jewish. God loves those folks and you should too. Don’t even joke or laugh at jokes about Jewish people. Just so you know Jesus was Jewish. Your spiritual roots are Jewish. The church didn’t replace Israel, and if you bless Israel, you get blessed. Duh. Pray for Jewish people to recognize that Jesus is the Messiah they are waiting on. Pray for Israel to be protected and in peace.

7. Depending on human strength instead of God

8. Stealing and lying

9. Not tithing or giving

Tithe – giving 10% or more of your money to whoever teaches/feeds you spiritually

Basically, God gives you every good thing you have. He wants to give you a chance to show Him how thankful you are by giving money.

The love of money is the root of all kinds of bad stuff/evil. If you will give it back to God and remember that it is Him who supplies what you need, money loses its power over you. So, you can have 90% of your money and have it all blessed or have 100% of it and have all of it cursed.Click To Tweet

10. Words spoken over you by people in authority

This includes words spoken by grandparents, parents, teachers, pastors, older siblings, and people like that. We are created in God’s image and given great power and responsibility. Father used words to create everything on the planet. That means our words have power, too. What do you use words to create? Targets for good or for evil? If you’ve been cursed or targeted by someone in authority over your life, guess what? Jesus’ authority is higher than theirs, and what He says about you is what is real and true. Forgive those who curse you and renounce any partnership you have had in making the curse come true. In Jesus’ name destroy the power of those words over you and destroy the assignments/arrows of evil over your life. Now, bless those who curse you and see amazing things happen!

11. Negative, empty words you’ve spoken against yourself

Oftentimes, people say things about themselves when they’re hurt, discouraged, or angry. When you do that, you are cursing yourself. Guess what? Even those words you curse yourself with while you are mumbling under your breathe count. Examples of this are “I’m so stupid,” “I’m never going to make it,” “I’ll always be this way,” “I get a cold every January,” etc.

The Bible says every word you speak begins in your heart. Every single word. So, even if think you are joking around and you “don’t really mean it,” the truth is that deep down you actually do mean it. Repent for cursing yourself and agreeing with the enemy. Ask Holy Spirit why it is in your heart and what you need to do to get it out.


12. Promises or agreements taken to join ungodly secret societies

The fact that a club or organization has to be kept a secret is a big hint that its source is wrong! Hello! If it was good, why would they want it kept a secret? One very well known “secret society” is the Freemasons. Shriners are another. Most of the men who join this organization don’t realize what they are getting into. They are often godly men who just don’t have all of the information because most of it is kept a secret! If you know of this in your family line, forgive your forefathers and repent for it being in your family. Demand every spirit be kicked out and leave you in Jesus’ name. Do not join up if you are ever asked.

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