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Ukuleles & Spiritual Warfare?

What could ukuleles have to do with spiritual warfare? Two years ago I went through what I would consider one of the toughest spiritual seasons of my life. I think this personal story of how it’s “played” out in my life will give you the insight you need to overcome as well.

It seemed as if everything I loved and put my energy toward turned against me. I’d already had some spiritual warfare warnings that there were going to be some hard things coming my way.

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What can a spiritual warfare warning look like you ask?

  1.  I kept “randomly” reading scripture that dealt with overcoming obstacles.
  2.  There was a great opportunity for advancing God’s kingdom and that often means there will be attacks and tests to prepare you for the new territory you will take.
  3.  I’d already begun to notice small circumstances that were difficult or communication seemed to be scrambled with everyone I held dear.

When I first learned of the spiritual warfare attack I was shocked, but I knew that if I reacted according to anger I would be a part in the attack against my family and me.

To overcome an attack, I find the best thing to do is just go ahead and die.

That means I give up my right to be offended or pass ungodly judgment. I’ve been forgiven too much to hold someone else in jail. That’s much easier to type than it was to do! However, when we know spiritual warfare is a real thing, we think differently.

I felt supernatural grace flood me like a warm blanket as I confronted the offender in love that can only come from God.

After the initial confrontation that I purposely kept short, for fear of the pain in my heart leaking out of my mouth and making things worse, I made a point to be alone. That’s another good idea in initial stages of spiritual warfare attacks. Get alone and pour out the pain, anger, and disappointment in your heart. Say aloud the things you are feeling and choose to give them to Jesus.

Another principle of spiritual warfare is to avoid operating in the same spirit by which you were attacked. Humility vs. Anger is usually a good go to.

As I sat there alone a bit numb I looked over to see my daughter’s ukulele she’d gotten for Christmas earlier that year. On autopilot, I picked it up and gave it a strum. A small smile played at the corner of my mouth. I gave the ukulele another strum with my other hand randomly placed on the neck. Hmmm. It gave me a momentary reprieve from thinking of what had just happened.

I didn’t feel up to socializing and putting on a facade just to be proper. So I downloaded a nice little Ukulele Underground app and occupied myself. It didn’t make the spiritual warfare go away, but it did supply a dose of something that’s the opposite of the despair I felt…JOY.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is not a dirge!

You see, the thing about ukuleles is that they are not generally known for playing sad songs.As the weeks went by I managed to get a ukulele for myself so my daughter could have hers back. I happened to be in San Diego, California and bought a very nice tenor ukulele from Hale Ukulele Shop. I even got a few private lessons. This was certainly a bit of self-care and soul care.

Understand this, I did not repress the pain and ignore it. I was working through it at the same time with those who minister to me as well as the offender. But, somewhere in that process I recognized that when I embraced the joy of playing the ukulele I was waging spiritual war from a place of joy. What was meant to derail me only taught me another way to focus on a fruit of His Spirit and worship my way into the truth.

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In the previous blog, Wow! Bow. Worship. Repeat, you can read more about how this is actually spiritual warfare. In the middle of a dark hour choosing joy while you focus on Jesus is an atomic bomb for your heart and against the plan the enemy had for you.

Your weapon of choice may not be a ukulele, but instead quilting. What about running your first 5k? Perfecting that jump shot? Finally writing that book? You don’t even have to start something new.

Let religion and what you are supposed to do fall away. Yes, you need to seek the Lord and have an amazing support group. That’s huge. However, don’t put Jesus in a box. Let Holy Spirit reveal what brings you joy. Remember it is His joy that is your strength.


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