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What can you learn from a 20 something’s book about overcoming depression?


When I am presented an opportunity to work with a new author I pray. I don’t always work with those who contact me. This time when I prayed and heard a very clear “yes.” Reading this book will be valuable because the fictional characters wrestle with many things we have all faced. As a reader you get to watch the understanding and maturity unfold within the life of Eron. Maybe you will recognize something you have struggled with or someone you know. Perhaps they can learn lessons alongside Eron and his friends.

Temporary Infinity

Temporary Infinity by Austin Lanning is an excellent first foray into the world of publishing. This young author writes with the maturity of an old soul, yet wrestles with issues facing the millennial generation. Austin asks the questions many of this generation are afraid to ask. Not only is he brave enough to ask the questions, but he also shares the insights and answers he’s found.

However, don’t pigeonhole this book as simply for those in their 20’s. I recommend this book to anyone who has been afraid to ask the hard questions, even someone who hasn’t been able to articulate their thoughts in this journey and to those who are coming out on the other side. When you buy this book, be sure and buy two of them: one for you to keep and one to share. Lauren Caldwell

70% of proceeds from Temporary Infinity go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The beautiful thing about running from something is you can be ahead of it for a moment. The tragedy is when what you’re running from is a part of you.

Eighteen-year-old Eron Basque fails to confront this unfortunate truth as he faces the short stick of life’s lottery. With no one to turn to, the world’s cruelties will bring him face to face with his deepest fears and make him consider whether an unwanted life is worth living. Author Austin Lanning illustrates this dilemma not only through Eron’s endeavors, but his own pain and experiences, raising the question of when rock bottom is reached, is joy obtainable? Is it possible for hope to be gone entirely? And where is God in all of it?

Whether in the fictitious life of Eron Basque or the real life of Austin Lanning, this tsunami of a world can bring a man to the edge. The decision is whether to jump or face the water and swim.


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Austin Lanning

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